Coronavirus : nos 10 plus belles couvertures de magazines Newsweek, The New Yorker, Vogue Portugal

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Coronavirus : nos 10 plus belles couvertures de magazines

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Publié le Mercredi 1 Avril 2020

Malgré la pandémie de coronavirus qui ne cesse de grimper, les rédactions ne manquent pas de créativité pour délivrer des couvertures choc, en phase avec notre quotidien. Voici notre sélection des 10 meilleures Une autour de la planète.

La presse papier n'est pas épargnée par la pandémie de coronavirus. S'il est impossible pour les rédactions d'envoyer des journalistes en reportage ou de réaliser des séries mode et beauté, elles ne manquent cependant pas d'imagination pour délivrer des images en phase avec l'actualité. À vous de juger : 

#1 Vogue Portugal 


Uma imagem não vale só mais que mil palavras. Vale também enquanto documento histórico. E a liberdade de 2020 vai ser reconhecível assim: confinada. Seja por quatro paredes, seja por uma máscara, sempre com uma luz que espreita pela janela de um futuro que virá melhor, e mais livre. E vai ser reconhecível hoje ou daqui a dez anos. A Vogue Portugal “Freedom on Hold” chega às bancas a 02 de abril, juntamente com o download gratuito do pdf - porque estamos juntos nisto. Mas para não perder uma edição tão especial e que ficará para a história, pode assegurar a sua cópia já em #freedomonhold Capa 01 de 02. — An image isn’t just worth more than a thousand words. It’s worth as a historical document as well. And 2020’s freedom will be recognizable like this: in confinement. Be it within four walls, be it separated by a mask, always with a ray of light peeking from the window of a brighter and better future - with more freedom. And it’ll be recognizable today and in ten years time. Vogue Portugal is out on stands on April 2nd, along with the free download of our pdf - we’re still in this together. But to make sure you don’t lose such a special issue, one that will be forever part of History, make sure you grab your copy now at [link in bio]. #freedomonhold Cover 01 of 02. #vogueportugal #editorinchief @Sofia.slucas #coverartdirection @jsantanagq #photography @branislavsimoncik #models @bibibaltovic @adambardy #mask @lukaskimlicka #freedom #liberdade #april #freedomissue @lighthouse.publishing

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#2 GQ Portugal 


É em tempos difíceis que se mede a força de uma comunidade. E este e os vindouros serão daqueles que porão à prova o nosso sentido de Humanidade e de sociedade. Para assinalar um mês - um semestre? Um ano? - que ficará para a História como um dos mais desafiantes desta geração, a GQ celebra a força lutadora do ser humano, bem como o otimismo para um futuro que se quer, que se sabe, será melhor. Um repto à não desistência, à luta, ao sorriso e à entreajuda numa edição que chega às bancas na 5f, 02 de abril, juntamente com o download de pdf gratuito. Até lá, vale a pena assegurar a sua cópia desta edição especial que ficará para a História - das revistas e do Mundo - em #gqportugal Capa 02 de 02 — It’s in the most difficult times that a community’s strength is measured. And these ones and the ones to come will be one of those that will test our sense of humanity and of society. To mark a month - a semester? A year? - that will be seen in History as one of the most challenging for this generation, GQ celebrates the fighting strength of the human being as well as the optimism for a future that needs - that will - be better. A message to not giving up, to fight, to smile and to help each other in an issue that hits stands on Thursday, April 2nd, along with the free download of the pdf. Until then, you should definitely make sure you grab a copy of this special issue that will undoubtedly stay in the pages of History - for both magazines and the world - in #gqportugal Cover 02 of 02 #editorinchief & #coverartdesign @jsantanagq #everythingsgonnabealright #aprilissue #April #coronavirus #covid19 #fight #smile #optimism @lighthouse.publishing

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#3 The New Yorker 


This week's cover, “Bedtime,” by Chris Ware. #NewYorkerCovers

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#4 The Economist


Cover for today’s Economist about our world on lockdown #theeconomist #illustration #stephaniefscholz

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#5 Sports Illustrated

#6 Elle France

#7 Instyle US


For a special digital cover, we are highlighting a woman fighting to keep us alive. Infectious disease diagnostics specialist Dr Jana Broadhurst has been working near 20-hour days since mid-January. She took us inside her lab, where a quicker #COVID_19 test is becoming a reality, and her team is tracking the virus going forward. “Science doesn’t happen in a separate line from the rest of our lives,” she says. How dramatically we have been reminded of that. Thank you, Dr Broadhurst, and may you get some sleep soon. Photographed on March 25 by @kentsageek, written by @spulia, with thanks to @banstey. Location: @iamunmc @instylemagazine #linkinbio

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#8 Vanity Fair US


On March 10, we assigned Magnum photographer Alex Majoli to document the growing COVID-19 crisis in Italy. Is a pandemic a war? If so, it is a microscopic battle, one difficult to depict. But Majoli—who has photographed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Kosovo—powerfully captures the front line fighters, the stoicism of the public, the prayers of the faithful, and, above all, a new kind of quiet solidarity. These pictures are the latest in a long tradition of photojournalism in V.F—dispatches from a nation under siege. And as the crisis moves to New York, they are illustrations of the resolve and resilience that, in this strange war, will make all the difference. —@RadhikaJones, Editor in Chief. Read more at the link in bio. Photographs by #AlexMajoli, @magnumphotos

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#9 Newsweek US


Since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic on March 11, many companies have attempted to rapidly move their operations, culture, management style and communications fully online. The first few days were great. No need to put together an outfit, no reason to comb your hair or even look in the mirror. No commute! But unlike many things in life, working from home does not always get better with experience. The coronavirus pandemic has utterly disrupted the way millions of us work, and while the public health emergency will someday dissipate, some aspects of the 'Work From Home Revolution' are likely here to stay. Hit the link in our bio to read how the coronavirus will change how we work forever. | Illustration: Alex Fine for Newsweek

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#10 Vogue Taiwan


#VogueCover    最近大家常問:我們的地球怎麼了?四月號Vogue的Cover Story,想跟你/妳們一起討論這個議題:環境、人類與時尚的未來。    我們邀請到影后陸弈靜女士,和許多位藝術與創意工作者共同以紙上劇場的方式,在Vogue四月號雜誌裡創作並呈現一種可能的末日景象:當我們的星球只剩下垃圾,你該怎麼自處?    身在其中的我們,會不會從中獲得啟發,進而找到更多可行的解套方案呢?    ???? 更多封面故事內容請點 @voguetaiwan 首頁連結    #VOGUE4月號 #VogueTaiwan #WhatsNext #永續環保 #時代新定義 #DefiningOurTimes    Editor-in-Chief: Leslie Sun @sunles  Photographer: Manbo Key and Chien-Wen Lin  @mw_studio_tw Stylist: Chen Yu  Art Direction: Luo Jr-Shin  @luojrshin Costume Design : Kayn Chen  @kaynkenchen Hair: Miley Shen  @miley_shen Makeup: Fiona Li @fio_na_li Models: Felicia Fan @fan_fan_felicia (Fashion Model Management ) and Uma Tseng @aiai.aiaiai (CatWalk)  Production: Wan-Ling Du  Fashion by GUCCI @gucci    ???? #YvonneTsai

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Sarah Di Bona & Sarata Drame 

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